We need to find a new building!  We are looking for a building that will allow us to house cats and dogs, and bring in kennel boarding and a small mercantile store that will allow us to earn some income for our nonprofit mission.

What does that mean?????

We need your help!  We are in the process of putting together a capital campaign. We have looked at a building that is selling for $269,900 and then there will need to be some updates and renovations.  The kennels for the cats will run $54,000 and the kennels for the dogs will run $35,000. We will have a quarantine section for each, playroom for each, birthday party room, and more.
We have to turn away animals every day due to the lack of room and stable facility/fosters for the amount of animals that are in need of a place to go. We will set up a room for an on-site veterinarian, offer some exciting events and other ways to connect the community with animals in need. Running this animal shelter is my biggest reward, and my dream. We want to continue helping animals in need of love, care, support, shelter but won’t be able to do it without YOUR help!
You can donate through our website, Facebook, Venmo, or cash/check sent to the shelter.  Please tell all your friends, co-workers, company owners, family, acquaintances, neighbors and more! If there are any investors, businesses, or others that would are able to help us purchase this building we would appreciate it. Just think of the tax write off!  We also need a truck or van for transporting our animals to the vet, picking up animals from people and picking up supplies needed to run the shelter.  If there are any used car or new car dealerships that would be willing to donate a vehicle to the shelter please reach out to [email protected].
Thank you!