We are in the process of obtaining a design for a new shelter facility!  We will begin construction as soon as the design is complete and we receive clarification on some building codes.

What does that mean?????

We need your help! We need to build a new new 24×30 pole barn in order to keep our shelter operational. Designing just the exterior of the building is $12,000 and the interior will be another $8,000. We need monetary donations, material donations, and labor from people who specialize in various trades.
Running this animal shelter is my livelihood, my biggest reward, and my dream. We want to continue helping animals in need of love, care, support, shelter but won’t be able to do it without YOUR help!
Once the design is complete we will post a picture for you to see!  You can donate through our website, Facebook, Venmo, or cash/check sent to the shelter.  Please tell all your friends, co-workers, company owners, family, acquaintances, neighbors and more!
Thank you!