Green Acres Animal Rescue is an animal rescue located in Saint Augusta, MN. We established in February 2020 and are a nonprofit 501c3 organization. We believe that animals are a lot like children in the fact that they look to their “parent” to feed them, provide shelter, medical care, a warm place to sleep and time to play. Animals may not be able to talk but a person can tell their emotions by their behavior and actions. It is important for us to be able to provide abandoned, neglected, abused, elderly and animals involved in a disaster or temporary tragedy with a safe environment where they can receive the treatment and care they deserve and hopefully find their “FUR-EVER home”.

We believe that there is a reason behind all animal aggression and ailments. We are willing to work with them and provide the care and training necessary to ensure these animals have a happy and meaningful life. All our pets will be spayed/neutered and given appropriate vaccinations and any testing/medication necessary before being sent home to their new owner.

Our mission is to provide a safe, compassionate sanctuary for animals in need and to create life-long bonds between people and their companion animals through adoption, foster care, education, and community involvement. We are dedicated to improving the lives of animals and promoting responsible pet ownership by engaging with local communities and creating pathways to keep animals in their homes and connected to their families.r.

Our Team

Sheri Meline – Owner/Executive Director
Shelby Kampa – Vice President/Board Member/Policies & Procedures
Kathryn Storkamp – Board Member/Secretary/Merchandise

Holly Baker – Board Member/Medical/Fosters
Samantha Olson – Board Member/Foster Care Team
Kay Fenning – Foster Coordinator/Vetting

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